Fire Damage Restoration

East Bridgewater, MA’s Preferred Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire Damage Restoration Services - Bridgewater MA | JH Cleaning - fire-damage-restoration-back-of-truckNothing can prepare a homeowner for seeing their house on fire. 

While the damage is obvious on the outside, you may not be aware of the detrimental effects a fire could have on all of your possessions. The flames weaken your home’s very foundation, and the smoke makes its way into every room of your home, touching everything in its path. This means that nearly all of your possessions will be affected by smoke and soot, and aren’t safe for your family to be around. It’s hard to know where to turn after a fire, but rest assured that JH Cleaning is here to put your home back together again.

Fire Damage Restoration Services - Bridgewater MA | JH Cleaning - small-caution-signJH Cleaning has over 21 years of experience bringing fire-affected homes back to life.

Many families in the metro Boston area have chosen us as their fire relief company. Why? We’re committed to making your house feel like home again, no matter how much work it takes. We have experience with small smoke damage restorations, as well as whole-home mitigation jobs. We are well prepared to handle your home, no matter its size, surroundings or the cause of the fire. Our team has extensive knowledge of fires and we will find a way to restore your home. We know how high the stakes are, and we’re up for the challenge. 

Our approach to fire restoration is comprehensive, ensuring that we leave no box unchecked.

To ensure your home is safe for habitation, we employ the following steps:

  1. We do a check of your home to ensure that it is structurally safe to be in. We wouldn’t want any walls to fall or floors to give out while we evaluate your home, so we make sure that it’s able to be mitigated.
  2. We get to work deodorizing your home, allowing you and your family to breathe freely and not have to worry about inhaling sooty air. 
  3. We secure any areas that have been greatly affected, so as to block them off from contaminating other parts of your home. 
  4. The restoration process begins; we clean any and all of your possessions that may have fallen victim to smoke damage from the fire. 
  5. We follow up with you to ensure that our work was done to your complete satisfaction.

Trust JH Cleaning when your family home experiences a fire and you have nowhere to turn. Contact us today to request service, we offer 24/7 emergency services and are here to help you
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